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Shark Week 2017

July 25th - 30th

DAILY - Talk to a “sharkspert” at 11:00am Activities, crafts, games, and more!

Tuesday - Our Sharks: Learn more about swell, leopard, horn and smoothhound sharks that live right here.

Wednesday - Gentle Giants: Experience the magic of some of the largest creatures on this planet and learn why they are nothing to be afraid of!

Thursday - Deadly Sharks: Are they really, though?!? (Pssst, the answer is NO!) Learn what you need to know about shark safety.

Friday - Deep Sea Sharks: Let us shed some light on our mysterious shark friends that live in the deepest depths.

Saturday - Weird Sharks: It could be the shape of their head, that it glows, that it has long trunk like an elephant or so much more!

Sunday - Shark Conservation: The most important day of all! How do sharks keep the entire ocean ecosystem in balance? Why should we protect sharks and become their champions? What can YOU do today to help?